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Julie Anne Lee

Classical Homeopath DCH, Homeopathic Mentor and Instructor, Founder of Adored Beast Homeopathic Veterinary Clinic, Equestrian

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Julie Anne Lee grew up helping in her mother's animal rescue shelter. As a result, she is passionate about animals and their health. After many years of service as a veterinary technician, Lee developed an equally passionate commitment to homeopathy. "Homeopathy, when applied correctly, has the ability to bring the body back to its healthy, natural state," she says. "I get great reward from working with clients and their veterinarians in order to make animals heal and be vital again. My faith in homeopathy and what it can do continues to inspire me."

Since graduating from the 4 year diploma program at the Vancouver Academy of Homeopathy in 1997, Lee has been working alongside veterinarians nationwide to provide classical homeopathic treatment to animals with acute and/or chronic conditions. She is not, she points out, a veterinarian, but works with veterinarians within the legislation bylaws of the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association. With her mentor, veterinary surgeon Dr. Susan Armstrong, a faculty member of the British Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group, Lee has studied with some of the most renowned international homeopaths including George Vithoulkas in Greece, Rajan Sankaran in India, and Mark Elliott and John Saxon in England. She is also an associate member of the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons in which she was a guest lecturer at their 2002 conference.

Lee provides educational services through lecture and mentorship programs that advocate the homeopathic treatment of animals. She works tirelessly to be a voice for those who cannot speak and to make homeopathic animal care accessible to every type of animal lover, no matter what socio-economic group they belong. In her life and in her practice, Lee emulates the mantra of Samuel Hannheman, the founder of homeopathy, who said simply, "above all do no harm." This lesson is the underpinning of her belief around healing and health for animals and all living things. "And as my mother always says, 'never ever forget to laugh!' "

Julie practices at the Animal Care Clinic "Holistic Wing"
2303 Alberta St. (SW corner of Alberta and 7th) | Vancouver, BC Canada

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