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If you are interested in carrying Adored Beast Apothecary as a collection in your store or are already a partner but have not signed up for wholesale yet, please email us at and include your business name, your business's complete address and a quick description of your business. Please use the subject line "Retailer Application".

After your application has been approved, you will be granted an access to our wholesale products. We'll let you know by replying to your email.

**If you are already an approved partner, please continue to Wholesale Products to access all of our products at your special rates. If you have any questions, please email us at**

You do not have a link list with a handle set to become-a-retail-partner, or you do and it's empty. Go ahead and create a link list called Become a Retail Partner on your Navigation page and populate that link list with links that point to collections, to see collections listed here. Make sure the link list also has a handle set to become-a-retail-partner.



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