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Adored Beast Apothecary

Spay & Neuter


Proactive program that supports natural vital functions lost through spaying and neutering. Available in Canine Neuter, Canine Spay, Feline Neuter & Feline Spay. 1 dram (granules).

Available in: Feline Neuter, Feline Spay, Canine Neuter, Canine Spay


Feline Neuter: Homeopathic feline teste
Canine Neuter: Homeopathic canine teste
Feline Spay: Homeopathic feline ovary
Canine Spay: Homeopathic canine ovary

You can download our education sheet on Spay & Neuter here (519 KB PDF) 

Watch Julie discuss the benefits of this product here.

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